The Antiscians


August 3rd-4th, 6th-11th, 13th-18th
11:25 (1 hr)
Greenside @ Royal TErrace (Venue 231)
£10 (STANDARD), £8 (Conc.), £7 (Family), £6.50 (Child), £5/£4 (previews)

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Inspired by the George MacDonald fairy tale, The Day Boy And The Night Girl. A warlock named Watho, seized by the madness of grief, raises two girls in isolation. When the girls meet for the first time, they're challenged by their differences and strengthened by their decisions to overcome them. Told through an enchanting fusion of spoken word, dance and physical storytelling, The Antiscians is a mesmerizing rendering of grief, desire and the strengths of our diversity. Featuring original ensemble members from the Fringe First Award-winning production, Why Do You Stand There in the Rain?

Presented by the Apricity Project.