August 2nd-24th (not 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th)
17:00 (1 hr)

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Hot off a UK tour, five-star sellout show Polaris follows one woman’s trip around the world looking for good nosh and a place to call hers. Directed by BBC Slam's Sophia Walker, Hannah Raymond-Cox’s award-winning bildungsroman is full of sex, sexuality and some sad shit – with added queer just for fun.

“poetic skill and passion like a fist in the face” (EdFringeReview.com)

Self-aware, self-deprecating, and absolutely no selfies, this coming-of-age story is full of the kind of dark humour that comes from being thwacked in the face by everything and everyone possible – the true story of growing up everywhere and fitting in nowhere. Polaris explores one woman’s search for community in the face of chaos through spoken word. At times wry, heart-wrenching and darkly funny, Hannah Raymond-Cox’s award-winning slam style addresses mental health, queer culture and the question of how to belong. Theatrical and entertaining as well as informative for both specialist and general audiences, the play uses one actor to give a window into the world of a restless queer girl.

“sweet and hopeful” (TheWeeReview.com)

Hannah Raymond-Cox studied International Relations and Modern History at St Andrews alongside her career in poetry and her work includes original plays, slam poetry pieces, short plays and bespoke poems. She won the Stanza Slam, was a National Poetry Slam Championships Finalist for Scotland, and performed on the BBC Stage at the Edinburgh Fringe.

BBC Slam Champion Sophia Walker is an internationally renowned poet and teaching artist. 2015 UK representative for the World Slam Championships, 2015 London Slam Champion, winner of the 2012 Poetry Olympics, and the Edinburgh International Book Festival Improv Slam, she represents the UK for the World Queer Slam, where she has previously ranked third. Sophia is the host and organiser of the annual BBC Slam Championship. Her poems have aired on BBC iplayer, BBC Arts, Radio 4, France Inter and stations across the US, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Italy and Ireland.

“not one to miss” (ScotsGay.com)