LIFE according to saki

Atticist Productions | C +3 | 2016

Life According to Saki was the breakout success of the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 - with widespread critical acclaim and sold-out houses, the show attracted a wide following, which (in part) secured it the Carol Tambor Award 2016, giving the show a much deserved transfer to Broadway in early 2017.

Life According to Saki had a strong press showing before, during and after the festival, with widespread review and preview coverage in London, Edinburgh and New York. The combination of classic short story writer and new, modern production clearly gave the piece a strong edge against competition.

winner of the carol tambor award 2016


Funny, poignant and elegantly crafted, this is the perfect tribute
— The Daily Telegraph
Whether you’ve never heard of Saki before or consider yourself a die hard fan, this production is sure to please.
— Broadway Baby
Infuses unbridled joy with a hint of melancholy
— The List