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  • Theatre N16 77 Bedford Hill London, England, SW12 9HA United Kingdom (map)

MAR 15 - MAR 18

Wednesday – Saturday, 9pm, 60 mins



Scram Collective presents their debut production which asks what an ordinary person would do if given the power to do anything – could they lead a normal life or would they simply be overwhelmed by their abilities? Whimsy is a surreal piece that combines quick dialogue with intense physicality to explore themes of corruption, domestic abuse and generational complacency.

"Sick of your life? I'll give you a life!" Aoife can do anything she wants. She doesn’t clock in for work, or pay for her meals, and instead the world simply does what she asks of it. With infinite power and infinite potential, an innocent person standing in Aoife’s way doesn’t stand a chance.

Scram Collective aim to create new work based on human experience as well as reinventing old favourites with a touch of the surreal, keeping them dark, comic and a little bit unusual. Company co-founder and writer of Whimsy Alex Newport says: “Scram Collective was formed with an attitude of ‘doing it ourselves’ rather than waiting for the phone to ring. While this presents a massive challenge, it also gives a wonderful sense of creative freedom, and we’re so pleased that we can create work for ourselves and other emerging artists. Writing Whimsy has been a terrific experience, mainly due to having such a positive and hard-working team. A team who will be brutally honest on whether a scene works or not, helping to create a piece that is personal, but well-rounded.”

Theatre N16 is a trailblazing theatre company, dedicated to creating a creative hub where new and existing works can be explored and pushed into new realms. Theatre N16 is proud of their commitment to the welfare of creatives, operating under an Equity Fringe Agreement. This promoting and nurturing of talent means that Theatre N16 is a bastion for development within the context of a society in which the arts are increasingly struggling to stay afloat.


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