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The 1st Open Central Asia International Festival

OCT 5 - OCT 19

Multiple events, various times and places


In October, central London locations will play host to a variety of events celebrating Central Asian arts – work from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. An under-represented area in the international arts, Central Asia is a melting pot of cultures, where the Silk Road connected Europe and Asia and where the global superpowers of Russia, China and India meet. From a national, religious, and historical perspective, Central Asia is a true melting pot of culture, language and art.

This new festival will offer a variety of different arts events from Central Asia, including verbatim theatre and classical adaptations, folk music and dance, and talks and lectures introducing the area to a London audience. Events include screenings of Tajik and Uzbek films, Uyghur folk music, Sufi-inspired Uzbek dance, Muqam singing, a lecture from an Islamic dance specialist, Kyrgyz classical music and folk songs and verbatim theatre from Russia.

The festival will then end with a final night event including Muqam dance performed alongside jazz/folk fusion based pieces from Uzbekistan and Sweden and a panel discussion between regional theatre directors and performers and drama teacher of University of Arts Khamida Makhmudova.



Earlier Event: October 4
Later Event: October 10
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